Nine Day Ayurveda Health Retreat - Panchakarma
The purity of body and mind are inter-related. This special Retreat offers natural and simple methods to balance the body and mind and expand our spiritual growth. The change of seasons is a time when our bodies and awareness are most open and respond quickly to a cleansing program. Numbers limited, so book early.

The Health Retreat is a powerful and complete retreat offering natural and simple means to purify and balance all three areas of our lives, physical, mental and spiritual, giving new energy and zest for life. It is a holistic approach to health care including:

Daily yoga,

Advanced meditations,

Daily Ayurvedic treatments,

A gently cleansing diet,

Discussions on Ayurveda,

Attendance of an Ayurvedic doctor,

Warm and peaceful atmosphere of the Art of Living Center

The clean air and lakes of the Quebec countryside -- all for you to enjoy

For more information, please call Ann Revington at 1-819-532-1148 or email us at